Friday Fun-Day

Hey everyone!  Couple of Random thoughts for this Friday morning:

1. This day, 5 years ago, I made the best decision of my life, and Roseann made her (possibly?) worst, as we said ‘I do.’ Three kids, three houses, two ministries and one exciting journey later, we are still passionately in love with each other and seeking to bring glory to Jesus through our marriage.

2. Yesterday,(and actually still happening) we had the best and most controversial conversation ever here on the Kid Preacher.  From Roman Catholic priests to Bible College Professors, everyone had a few words to say.  You really want to check it out!  Thanks for making the conversation interesting, and you want to check back often, as we will continue with a few main posts by more guest authors.

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4. I would love some input on topics to bring up here.  Let me know what YOU want to talk about here.

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Lighter. My buddy, Vic, sold his house today. After a long wait, and a lot of hard work, he finally sealed the deal, and now him and his bride are clear for leaving to work with PBT in Africa. I am guessng they feel lighter tonight.

Today I finished up something I have been working on for 2 years. Honestly, it could have been done 18 months ago, but one of my spiritual gifts is procrastination. Nonetheless, it is done, and I feel, in a word, lighter.

What makes you feel lighter?

Weighing in on Gay Marriage

My buddy, Drew Snyder, recently weighed in on the gay marriage debate through an email which ended up on this blog.  His perspective is intelligent and wise, though, to most Christians, a little provocative.  I wanted to share it with you, and see what you think:

I’m not sure if you remember me from the last time this conversation came up (about homosexual couples being barred from adopting in Iowa, I think), but I thought I’d offer my two cents as a committed Christian and as a minister.

One of the things that makes this debate so hard from our side is this whole myth of us living in a ‘Christian nation.’  We don’t, and we never have (we live in a religiously neutral nation that does not impede on my Christianity), but so many people try to perpetuate the myth because it’s more comfortable to do that than to do what Jesus actually called us to.  The fact is that my life’s mission is going to inherently offend you, as well as other people: Jesus has called His people to convert non-believers into faith in Him.  If that’s not stepping on people’s toes, I don’t know what is!  I’ve personally seen, though, that many Christians would rather legislate morality than make disciples, because it’s easier and it helps them sleep at night.  It’s really that simple – many feel that if this is a ‘Christian’ nation with ‘Christian’ laws, then their job is over.  Unfortunately, not only is this not even close to correct, but it works in the opposite way: this homosexual marriage business has done more to hurt the cause of Christ than anything in my lifetime (though I’m not very old – I’ll turn 25 next week). In other words, the Church has traded its mission for Washington’s, and no one ever asked us to do that.

If Jesus were here today, I firmly believe that He would have the response that I have tried to have (hence, my position): I simply don’t care what the law is.  Jesus lived in an occupied nation where the very right to live freely was taken from His people, and yet, His main motivation was not to change the laws of the land, but to bring spiritual freedom.  I believe the Bible teaches that homosexual actions (not feelings or disposition) are sexual sins, just like sex outside of marriage, lust, pornography, and a litany of other sins that good old straight people commit.  What is never brought up is that these actions are all basically brought under the term ’sexual sin,’ and that the very people pointing finger are guilty of the same sins.  That’s why we (and by we, I mean all of us – gay, straight, or otherwise) need Jesus so desperately; He loves and loved in a way that we should be striving for, and we should be reflecting.

That’s my opinion, and I’m well aware it’s nowhere near what you believe, and that’s fine – we all choose our own path, and God will sort it out in the end.  I think that at the end of the day, the truth is the truth regardless of legislation and regardless of who is misrepresenting things.  I simply don’t care whether or not two homosexuals get married or if they don’t; I care whether or not they know that God cares about them even though they are flawed just like the rest of us.  If that was our attitude, not only would you be happy (since it would undoubtedly be legal), but I think Christians would be too (since we would be doing what God wants instead of what’s easier).

I only wish more people felt the same.

So, what’s your verdict?  Agree/Disagree?  Why/Why not?  Would love to hear from you!

The Big Cheese, Baptisms & Other Encounters

We have had a few baptisms over the last few weeks, and that has been SWEET!  We love seeing people submitting their lives to Jesus.

One was a teenage girl who was led to the Lord by her friend.  She is a girl that, self-admittedly, comes from a rough home situation, and realized earlier than most that life is tough, and she needs Jesus.  The baptism we had yesterday was Ed.  Ed is awesome.  Ed will be 47 years old next month, but mentally functions at a much younger age.  But he recognized his need to submit completely to Christ in his life and was immersed at the start of our worship experience on Sunday.  As we stood in the baptistry, I asked Ed to tell everyone there who he believed Jesus was.  His response was, “Jesus is the Lord.  He is the big cheese of the universe!”  Then Ed turned over everything he had to “The Big Cheese!”

Last night we had a great student worship time @ encounter.  I cannot get over how awesome it is to worship with these students!  They are not the church of tomorrow, they are THE CHURCH RIGHT NOW!

All that to say this: when you have Sundays like that, Mondays are easy.  How was your Sunday?  How’s Monday?

Revelation Journey, Pt 1

I have been hanging out in the book of Revelation the last couple of days.  I wanted to take a couple of days and share with you some thoughts about what I have been reading.

First off, I think most of us MISS the whole point of Revelation!  The definition of revelation is “an act of God making known truth that is unable to be known by unaided human research.”  Revelation REVEALS something that we would not have seen otherwise.  It is WHAT is revealed that guides our whole understanding of this book:

-Some think it is revealing a time table for the end times.

-Some think it is some kind of road map for a tribulation period.

-Some think it just reveals how crazy us Christians are (just kidding!)

-Some think it reveals the plot for a best-selling series of books.

But most everyone misses what the book of Revelation is truly intended to reveal!  And that is AMAZING, because it is written in the first five words:

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

I absolutely believe that Revelation can only be understood when we get the picture that Revelation is intended to show us a picture of Jesus we could not see otherwise.  And this seems fitting.

As John sat on the island of Patmos, seemingly alone and forgotten, the only thing he needed was a glimpse of Jesus to keep him going.  And the persecuted churches he wrote to needed the same thing.  And the churches 2000 years later need the same thing.

Revelation is not a roadmap, timeline, survivor’s manual or any other ends times secret.  Revelation is a picture of Jesus, in all His glory, for the all to see, appreciate, and love!

So, what picture of Jesus do you see in Revelation?