The Big Cheese, Baptisms & Other Encounters

We have had a few baptisms over the last few weeks, and that has been SWEET!  We love seeing people submitting their lives to Jesus.

One was a teenage girl who was led to the Lord by her friend.  She is a girl that, self-admittedly, comes from a rough home situation, and realized earlier than most that life is tough, and she needs Jesus.  The baptism we had yesterday was Ed.  Ed is awesome.  Ed will be 47 years old next month, but mentally functions at a much younger age.  But he recognized his need to submit completely to Christ in his life and was immersed at the start of our worship experience on Sunday.  As we stood in the baptistry, I asked Ed to tell everyone there who he believed Jesus was.  His response was, “Jesus is the Lord.  He is the big cheese of the universe!”  Then Ed turned over everything he had to “The Big Cheese!”

Last night we had a great student worship time @ encounter.  I cannot get over how awesome it is to worship with these students!  They are not the church of tomorrow, they are THE CHURCH RIGHT NOW!

All that to say this: when you have Sundays like that, Mondays are easy.  How was your Sunday?  How’s Monday?


One response to “The Big Cheese, Baptisms & Other Encounters

  1. Man Sunday night encounter was great. Thanks for letting us give God the praise together. I wish all people would have so much joy as the teenagers had last night giving all themselves to God. Thanks.

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