I am hooked…

…on my family.  Which is kinda crappy, since they are gone for 12 days seeing family and friends in the midwest.  Not sure how these next two weeks are gonna go.


I am planning on giving into work-aholic tendencies for the next 2 work weeks.  Here’s what I need to accomplish on that front:

  • 2 sermon series’ written
  • 1 series plan outlined
  • 2 months of KidzWorship prepared
  • 15 relational interactions
  • Some volunteer policy completed
  • Prepare a series of lessons for 5th/6th grade camp
  • Prepare a series of messages for MMAD week camp
  • Finalize website format and content

I also have a ton of stuff I hope to get done on the homefront:

  • Some landscaping/yard work
  • Some inside maintenance (air filters, etc.)
  • Some organizing in my home office. (YIKES!!!!!)
  • I need to sell my truck and get a different vehicle too (interested?)
  • Need to finish 2 books I have started

I also have a COUPLE of fun things on the plans:

  • A fun night with a few of my dude friends…
  • A couple of Independence Day bashes…

Wow.  Once it is all written down in the same place, it is alot.  Oh well, better to be busy than bored.

So, here’s your chance to speak up: Which one of these do you want to help me with?  What are you busy doing the next few weeks?

Let me know in the comments!!


DC Dads Group

I was in DC last night.  At 5:30, I hopped in my truck, drove 70 minutes, spent 15 looking for a parking place (YIKES) and then another 10 walking to Ebenezers Coffeehouse.  I bought a cup of coffee and wandered around for a few minutes, seeing that I was a little early.

At 7:30, I was sitting in a small group of about a dozen guys led by Mark Batterson talking about how to be a good dad. (By the way, I have been a huge fan of Mark from a distance through his blog, twitter feed and books.  But up close, he is a real down to earth, authentic guy.)

Some of you (as well as some of the guys there) probably think I am crazy for driving and investing that kind of time for the next 5 weeks in this group.  (YES!  I know how much gas it will use!)  Here is why Roseann and I decided for me to do this:

  • I NEED to be in some sort of group of dudes that I am in no way leading.
  • We were taking a summer break from our local small groups anyway. So I had a normally tied up night free, and wasn’t cheating my family of normally open night.
  • I wanted to learn more about the discipleship covenant that Mark made with his son, Parker, when he turned 12. This kind of intentional discipleship is some I want to do with my kids, and want to teach at DCC.
  • My kids knowing and loving Jesus is the most important goal of my life.  They are Roseann and my legacy, and come before anything else.  Nothing is ever TOO MUCH to make sure they get there.

So, anyway, I am pumped and excited to be a part of this short term group, and am looking forward to allowing God to teach me some great things about being a dad.

Help me with my homework for the group.  Here is the question: WHAT DOES SUCCESS AS A DAD LOOK LIKE?

Fan or Follower?

It has struck me lately that Jesus has a lot of fans.

  • People who like the things Jesus said.
  • People who say nice things about Him.
  • People who get goosebumps when people the hear stories about Him.
  • People who get really loud and cheer for him.
  • People who wear His t-shirts and bumper stickers.

But I am not so sure He has as many followers.

  • People who are totally OBSESSED with knowing everything about Him.
  • People who are SO CONVINCED that He is LORD of everything they seek Him for everything.
  • People who don’t evangelize, disciple and worship as a ‘get out hell free’ duty card, but serve Him out a heart of gratitude.
  • People who LOVE Him enough to format their entire life around becoming LIKE Him.
  • People who want to be LIKE Him so much that they will go through all kinds of CRAP to get there.

I really want to be an obsessed follower of Jesus, not just fan. It kinda sounds like Jesus wants this from me too. (Luke 14:25-35)

Where are you?

Reputation or Reality?

“He’s such a good family man.” But if you planted a tape recorder in his home you would hear yelling the likes of which you have never heard before. Reputation or Reality?

“Wow. He is passionate about following Jesus.” But if you checked his internet history you would find that he is more passionate about his own lusts. Reputation or Reality?

“Man, he write such good blogs and preaches such awesome sermons. He must really spend lots of time in study and research.” But if you did a simple google search you would find that he hasn’t had an original thought in years.

John over at Church Crunch wrote yesterday, “It’s so easy to hide our true selves online as we can pretty much craft and display anyone we want to be. We can also oversell or undersell our sins in grandiose-type fashion if we’d like.” He was going a little different direction than me, but it brings us to the question, “Is who people see me as just a reputation or is it a reality?”

Curious?  Ask yourself these questions:

*What do people say about me?

*Would I say that about me?

*Would God say that about me?

Followers of Jesus, it is time to make our reputations a reality.

What about you?  Where have you seen the disconnect between reputation and reality?

A Bird Pooped on My Moleskine



Here’s the deal, I love my moleskin.  I plan series, write sermons, record quotes, and journal prayers in my Moleskine.  I feel more creative, thoughtful, and just plain good using my moleskine. (By the way, it is pronounced just like it is the SKIN of a MOLE)

I take my Moleskine everywhere with me. (I have even considered naming it.  Any suggestions?) I write my final sermon in it, and preach from it. Yesterday, I had my Moleskine with me while visiting a couple from our church.  I left it on the passenger seat, and being a hot day, left the window open in my truck.

When finished inside, I came out and opened the door to my truck.  A bird flew out and almost  hit me in the face!  It just about scared the poo out of me.  It DID scare it out of him.  I looked down and there was a pile of white mud on my precious Moleskin.  How sick is that? My precious, all covered in dookey.

I do that to my Father’s treasure all the time, though.  He has blessed me with a wonderful family, and yet far too often I mess it all up because I am a selfish idiot.  Dad has blessed me with a great congregation to love and partner with, and yet my laziness, sinfulness and arrogance causes a puddle of white mud on His precious church.  He has put friends, neighbors and acquaintances in my life for me to be a vessel of grace for, and yet I take those precious opportunities, and PLOP!

I make a mess out of everything God puts in my life. Thankfully, Jesus does just what I did.  He takes out a Dunkin Donuts napkin and wipes the crap up.

What areas of your life do you feel like you consistently crap up? Grace. wOOt!



It’s what she needs when she comes into the room seeking my attention.  With her disjointed, incomplete, 4 year old sentences, she tells me about her pigtails, her costume, or her faux jewlery.

She goes on and on about who did it, when it happened and asks me what I think.

“Babe, you are beautiful.” And with a smile and giggle she is gone.  She got what she needed.


It’s what he needs as he hollers for me to “Come, see!”  There is another pretend giant slain, another bug squished, another ball to hit, throw, or kick.  “Did you see, Daddy?”

“You are so strong/brave/awesome.” And as he stands a little straighter and walks away, I know he got what he needed.

Dad affirmation.

Its what we need when life stinks.  When relationships are in crisis.  When work takes up too  much time, and results in too little money. When you feel like the bills are gonna crush you into ground human.

“Are you even there?”

“Why me?”

“But I am trying?”

And He says,

“I have never, and will never leave you.”

“You look just like Me. Remember, you are made in My image.”

“I WANT to be with you.  That’s why Jesus came!”


Get some.  Give some.