Will's Story

So, what do ya think of my two-year-old’s story? (if you a reader or email subscriber, you may have to click the link to see the video)


God Is…

So, this weekend we are launching an 9-week series called, God Is…. Every week we will be filling in the blank with a different answer.  I tweeted/facebooked this already and got these thoughts in a matter of 10 minutes.

God Is…

  • always faithful, never letting us down or hurting us
  • the shizz (still not sure what that means! ha!)
  • always going to be there for me
  • mighty
  • true
  • graceful
  • amazing
  • **leave blank**
  • the heavyweight champion of the world
  • uncontainable

Go on, give it a try.  You finish the sentence for me.

How AND Why!

I have been thinking through one phrase ALOT lately: It is a dangerous thing to learn the HOW and forget the WHY. (Nope, don’t think that is original to me, but can’t remember where I heard/read it!! HELP!)  This is a statement that only gets more challenging when you have stewed over it for weeks on end. AND it effects almost every area of life!

In church life, this is the root of traditionalism.  We learn HOW to do things, but often forget WHY.  We learned how to turn bar songs into hymns so that we could touch a generation that already knew that kind of music.  But all we passed along was the how (HYMNS) and not the why (to connect with those who do not yet follow Christ).  And so, there are those who still think it ain’t church unless we are singing hymns. (Perhaps we should say: it ain’t church unless it is intentionally connecting with those who don’t know Jesus!)

We also make this mistake in parenting.  We teach our children, who we desperately want to love and serve Jesus, to do things (HOW) without helping them develop a Biblical Worldview (WHY).  We don’t let them “drink, smoke,  cuss or chew or go with girls that do!” (by the way, I HATE that phrase!!!) But we have never taught them to process information in the light of Jesus’ Lordship, and to make their decisions because of it.  And so they learn to follow our parental rules, and yet what happens when they leave our house? Just look around you! We far too often substitute a legalistic, religious rule-following code for instilling a Biblical worldview. (I am not saying I have all the answers, just sharing some of MY questions and concerns.)

This principle affects business.  Just think of how many telemarketers you have talked on the phone with.  Most of them can certainly read their script (HOW), but far too often forget that their purpose is to SELL!! (WHY!)  And sometimes the script needs to be adjusted to accomplish the sale.

Thought I would share with you what has been going through my brains.  This is not, by any means, a complete thought. YOUR TURN NOW! Please comment away.  Share with me if you have seen this to be true.  Or tell me why you think it is untrue.

An Open Letter to My Wife


There is no doubt in my mind that you are the one for me. I love you more passionately, more deeply, more fervently than I ever thought possible.  You never cease to amaze and astonish me.  Whether it is your strength through 3 pregnancies/births or handling our kids’ special needs like an expert.

You are so beautiful and sweet and awesome in so many ways.  Whether it is in a setting between you and me, or when I see you teaching and leading our children.  When you are in the kitchen or at the library or sitting with me on the front porch. You are the real deal, authentic, genuine gem that everyone sees in you.

You are my lover, my friend, my companion, my confidant, my parental-partner, my advice-giver.  You put up with me when I am selfish, stupid, and ignorant.  You even seem to love me MORE in those moments. (WOW!)

You have been mine (and I have been yours) for more than five years now, and for the public record, I will still keep my vows.  I will always love, honor, cherish, and be there for you.  I will NEVER divorce you.

This is not only a profession of love and committment to you today.  This is a line drawn for the world to see:  Nothing can ever come between us.  Nothing can ever stop us.  Nothing can ever conquer us.

You make me a better man, and I would not be who I am today without you.  I love you, Roseann. Thank you for choosing to love me.


(I wrote this after being inspired by Shaun) Sorry, no comments on this one, friends.

Step-this, X-that….


Today I “officiated” at a funeral.  No, you don’t know them, and I just met them, so don’t ask.  In a funeral setting, where all the family gathers, you see dynamics and relationships fleshed out like no other place. And my heart broke as I met this family.

You see, this family has the scars of generations of brokenness.  Nearly everyone I met was step-this, x-that, or half-whatever. There was a legacy of broken committments and deep emotional scars.  And it broke my heart.

And then.  Then I imagined those were my remains at the front of the room.  And that those were my kids on the front row with their grandkids.  What will my legacy be?  Will it be a legacy of broken trust, emotional neglect, and selfish motives?  Will my great grandchildren feel the effects of my commitment-less life?

OR will they be united?  Will they be together more than at funerals and weddings?  Will they WILLINGLY get together for family events?  Will they find peace, joy and love in the family that sees me as patriach?

I have never been impacted so much as I was today by this thought:  Who I am and what I do TODAY will impact my family and their families for generations to come.

Oh wow.  Thought I would share.