Disappointing Dreams

“I once had a dream that I was eating a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich.  And let me tell you something– it was delicious. So the next day I decided to make that sandwich.  And in real life it is disgusting.  It is a disgusting sandwich.” Michael Scott, Regional Manager, Dunder Miflin Scranton, PA Branch

Ever had one of those long sought after dreams blow up in your face?  Thought it was be the greatest thing ever, but when you got there it was horrible….

What do you do when you encounter such disappointment?  How do you handle such a let down?  Share a story. Leave a thought.


One response to “Disappointing Dreams

  1. This is a tough one, my friend. For me, it is usually dreams of what the church could become. What the people of God could accomplish if they would do A, B & C. If they would do those things, then God could easily do X, Y & Z. And if that would happen, look at what the church could be. Look at how we could be more effective and do more in our world. Sometimes I dream about that and it seems so simple (delicious). Then I attempt to make it happen and there’s these things called people, and you actually have to motivate them and help them to see what you see. And making the dream a reality can become a nightmare (keeping with the imagery). I’m not sure how to handle it, but I know that God always has a plan. And I’m going to keep following the dream and working toward it. Maybe, somewhere in the midst of all that, God will begin softening hearts and opening eyes to amazing possibilities. And when that happens, he will get the glory for the good that results.

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