Day Off Together

So, I decided to take the day off.  A personal day, you might say. So, it is 7 AM and I am sipping coffee with my two oldest children and they are loving it.  They are actually drinking coffee milk, which is 9 parts milk and 1 part coffee.  But they love having coffee with Daddy anyway.  I told them we were going to write a blog post together, and they loved the idea.  SO, I will now let them speak to you:

This paragraph is being dictated by my 5 year-old daughter:

There’s a Valentine’s Marathon on Nick Jr.  We are Christians. And Will, my brother, stayed dry in his bed all night. Elizabeth is still sleeping.

This paragraph is being dictated by my 4-year-old son:

Noah’s birthday is on Monday. James is playing in his high chair with baby toys.  We drunk coffee today. Coffee Milk. Daddy is on his computer. Mommy is reading the Bible.

Well, this installment of random thoughts from kids is concluding.  Hope you have as great a morning as we are having.


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