Eleven in Twenty-Eleven

Lots of people have blogged about their fave things from 2010, and the things they want to carry out before they are 30 and so on.  But I don’t really remember 2010 (horrible memory!), and 30 is a long way off for me. (Not so far for my wife, but I won’t go there!)So, here are the top ELEVEN things I want to do in 2011.

  1. I want to get everyone around me saying TWENTY-ELEVEN, etc, NOT two thousand eleven.  Did we ever say nineteen hundred ninety-two, or one thousand nine hundred ninety-two?  NO, we said nineteen ninety-two. (Okay, silly rant over.)
  2. I want to honestly explore the feasibility of a giftless Christmas. No gift giving, no gift receiving.  Only one big act of generosity from my family to someone who needs it. (Don’t worry mom, I am not COMMITTED to this, but I want to explore how it would look/work.)  We talk so much about Christmas being about more than gifts.  Maybe it is time to prove it.
  3. I want to complete my Creole lessons.  I have had them for a year with little progress. While I know some, I have SO MUCH work to do. Mwen gen yon bann travay fè.
  4. I want to blog 40 times this year.  This is like once every 9/10 days.  I have lots of ideas/thoughts/perspectives that not only might be helpful to others, but would be good for ME to share.  But I am not a daily blogger, I need more space.  ha.
  5. I want to give away more money than I spend on my entertainment.  So every time I pay the cable bill, go to a movie with the wife, and buy music, I will be adding up and trying to surpass it.
  6. I want to take my wife to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  This would seem like a simple enough task, but we have lived here 2 1/2 years and something keeps coming up.  Not this year. (Yeah.  I dig a little classical music. Go ahead. Make fun of me. I can take it.)
  7. Speaking of my wife, we need a day in downtown DC checking out the museums and monuments.  She is not originally an East Coast girl, so doesn’t have all the school field trips I have to look back on.
  8. I have a friendship that I haven’t been investing in.  I need to give it some more effort and time.  Maybe an hour a week or so. (There is a nice, vague goal for ya.)
  9. I want to win another double-header!  (My Friday night pals will get this one!)
  10. I want to take my kids on “Daddy Dates” at least once a month!  I almost cried today when I realized that my oldest daughter is 33% of the way to adulthood.  WHAT?!?!  They need memories and moments and talks and laughs with Dad.  More than they have been getting.
  11. A family camping trip.  Yep.  It HAS to happen.  Even if it just on the back porch. (kidding, Roseann.) Spring, watch out.  You are gonna get Johnson-camped.

So, those are some things I want to happen in 2011.  Which of these will you hold me accountable for?  What are some of your top goals for 2011? Tell me in the comments below.


Step-this, X-that….


Today I “officiated” at a funeral.  No, you don’t know them, and I just met them, so don’t ask.  In a funeral setting, where all the family gathers, you see dynamics and relationships fleshed out like no other place. And my heart broke as I met this family.

You see, this family has the scars of generations of brokenness.  Nearly everyone I met was step-this, x-that, or half-whatever. There was a legacy of broken committments and deep emotional scars.  And it broke my heart.

And then.  Then I imagined those were my remains at the front of the room.  And that those were my kids on the front row with their grandkids.  What will my legacy be?  Will it be a legacy of broken trust, emotional neglect, and selfish motives?  Will my great grandchildren feel the effects of my commitment-less life?

OR will they be united?  Will they be together more than at funerals and weddings?  Will they WILLINGLY get together for family events?  Will they find peace, joy and love in the family that sees me as patriach?

I have never been impacted so much as I was today by this thought:  Who I am and what I do TODAY will impact my family and their families for generations to come.

Oh wow.  Thought I would share.

Billy's Thoughts 7-24-08

[So, after I met some of the people in my new church, I began to send out emails to let them get to know me and my family better! I am going to post a few of them!]

Roseann and I met in some odd circumstances. I was a brand new freshman at college, and she was a first year senior. (She went five years because she got a double major! BRAINIAC!?!?!) The first weekend there, the school (Central Christian College of the Bible, CCCB) sponsored a student retreat for all us students. As chance may have it(I prefer to say “As God directed it”) we rode on the same van to the student retreat. Here’s the thing though: Roseann was not feeling well (actually she was sicker than a dog!!) and was just plain miserable. She doesn’t even remember meeting me. Needless to say, there were no “sparks” or “love at first sight” between us. But really, love isnt about sight anyway. Today I still kid her about that trip. But it illustrates the point that love is more than some random emotional reaction (?caused by cupid’s arrow?) that you have no control over. Love is a dedicated commitment to do what is best for someone else. Jesus showed ultimate love when He went to the cross on our behalf, but I bet He didn’t have warm fuzzies or butterflies in His stomach. Love is all about doing what is best for someone else, and has nothing to do with emotion. (YIKES! I am about to start preaching, and this was just supposed to be a story.) How ya loving today?