Monday Brain Dump!

Hey bloggas! It’s been a while (understatement), and I thought I would just start off with a brain dump! (which upon reflection, sounds a little gross, but hey, I am going with it!) There is WAYYYYYYYYY too much going on in my life and ministry right now, so I thought I should share some of it. Here’s whats rattling around between my ears:

  • I have guilty blog feelings.  I had a pretty decent community here, and then I fell off the face of the blogosphere. My apologies.  But this time, I make no promises that it will be any different. (I can usually beat low expectations!) But I will try. (probably) (I like parentheses too much)
  • MASTERED. We are in the middle of a series at DCC dealing with addictions and other things we allow to control our life!  My intention is to GORILLA STOMP Satan’s stronghold in people’s lives. And let me tell you, he is pushing back.  You know you are moving in the right direction when Satan is pushing back at you.
  • Two more baptisms. That makes 3 in the past month!  So excited to see people starting a journey of faith! THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!!!!!!!!
  • We are going back to Haiti in September.  That is never far from my mind.  We have alot of first timers getting on board, and that is exciting!!!! Wanna go?  Let me know and we’ll talk!
  • Praying about doing discipleship better at DCC!  Got a few great ideas, and some key people that are ready to jump in!
  • My mom is coming into town!  The kids are pumped. Roseann is pumped.  And we may even get to work in a mini-vacay at the beach while she’s here! FTW!!!!!!
  • I was the driver for our youth group last night!  The girls in the back seat were singing Justin Beiber. (BARF!) When I henceforth banned the singing of any Beiber ever again, they changed the words. “Billy, Billy, Billy, ohhhhhh.” (DOUBLE BARF!) I almost wrecked the van. (Not really, parents…..)
  • Pondering how to accomplish some local mission trips/events with the aforementioned youths…. Got an idea this morning.  We will see how she pans out.
  • WALMART. Yes, I have Walmart on the brain! Denton is getting our very own supercenter, and I was watching the construction while having coffee at Dunkin’ (mmmmm, coffee) this morning.  They have three walls up and that place is HUGE!
  • I have an awesome wife. wow.
  • In addition to the aforementioned (new favorite word) spouse, I was overwhelmed this morning by all the awesome incredibly, amazingly awesome people I am surrounded by in my life. I sent texts to a bunch of them this morning to let them know. (That’s a really good thing for you to do too. Just sayin’)
  • I could really go for some seafood. (Bobby, fire up the grill!!)

Ok, that’s whats on my mind this Monday. What are your brain circuits firing about today?


Catcher in the Rye @ Midnight

Midnight thought for you….(it may not make sense in the morning, in which case I will delete it and you probably won’t read it anyway)

I am up late, not sleeping and reading, for the first time, The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.  Not sure how I ever got away with NOT reading this, but that is besides the point, for now.  Here is my thought:

Be careful how you parent your kids.  Not just because you want them to become healthy adults, but also because if you don’t, they might grow up and write a book that reveals just how messed-up you are.

Anyway, goodnight.

the johnsons

So, some of you have been with me on my life journey for a long time, and some are new around here.  First, let me welcome you to grace unfiltered.  I hope this place will be for honest and frank discussions about faith, grace, and life.  What I mean by unfiltered is this: I want this to be a place that is not bogged down in rhetoric, jargon and other form of christianese.  This is a place for real people to have open and honest and frank discussions.

But, before the conversations begin, I want you to know a little more about me.  My family crest, designed by wife and I, reflects what is most important to us as a family, and specifically to me as person:

metal cross project with double border

Love, Faith, Courage, Passion and Grace.  My goal in life is to be defined by these 5 words.

Love: Doing what is best for someone else.

Grace: Offering those around me second chances.

Courage: Not shrinking back, but rather fighting for those who have no one to fight for them.

Faith: Trusting that God’s plans for my life are the best plans.

Passion: Making an intentional purpose to be doing things that drive me, and are flowing from my heart, my passion.

This is who I am, and who I am becoming.

So, if you could pick 5 words to describe you, what would they be and why?